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Our firm was able to secure a pre-trial settlement of $ 2,341,332.71 net recovery for him and his family to help insure that the hope of the American dream is not lost forever.
Fadduol, Cluff & Hardy : Oilfield Injuries

Oilfield Injuries

  • Fatality rates for oil and gas workers are about seven times the nation average for all occupations. Center for Disease Control and Prevention as cited by ABC News: U.S. Oilfield deaths rise sharply, Sept. 10, 2008.
  • Some oilfield companies receive on a “slap-on-the-wrist” from OSHA when their “reckless and outrageous conduct” results in the deaths of oilfield workers. United States Senate Report: Discounting Death: OSHA’s Failure to Punish Safety Violations That Kill Workers,April 29, 2009.

SPEED & GREED: A deadly combination

On or about April 7, 2005, our client was working for an oilfield services company on a well site near the border of Texas and New Mexico. The production company and roustabout company that complete the well put on an ineffective and improper “blowdown” or “bleed off line,” which vents natural gas and other materials from the well into the reserve pits, relieving dangerous pressures that may exist. The blowdown line installed by the Defendants was improperly secured allowing to shake loose during times of increased pressure.

In the days before our client was injured, the blowdown line had been continuously venting ever increasing amounts of gas and/or other materials with occasional surges that created significant amounts of pressure coming out of the line. Pressures can be significant enough to cause “blow outs,” or explosions in the well. The Defendant was aware of the pressures, and it was concerned enough to send its company man and others to the well location on the very morning of this incident. On the day in question, our client and his crew had finished their work and were getting ready to go home for the day. As our client walked towards the dog house, he passed near the wellhead close to the blowdown line. At that moment, there was a surge of pressure escaping through the blow down line. He turned and immediately felt the massive impact against his legs as pressure escaping from the hole tore the blowdown line free from its inadequate staking and whipped around wildly under the pressure created by the venting gas. Our client was struck in the legs and literally thrown forward into the wellhead. The impact was significant enough to amputate both of his legs. An investigation into the incident demonstrated that the blowdown line was wholly inadequate and that the Defendants knew it. Rather than spend the money and take the time to correct the problem, they simply pushed forward hoping nothing bad would happen; ultimately, it was our client who paid the price.

Our client was a father of young children who had previously been the sole provider for his family. As a native of Mexico, he had come to the United States in hopes of finding and securing the American dream. His dream turned into a nightmare through no fault of his own. Our firm was able to secure a pre-trial settlement of $2,341,332.71 net recovery for him and his family to help insure that the hope of the American dream is not lost forever