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Our New Mexico offices are in MST and our Texas offices are in CST.
Fadduol, Cluff & Hardy : Hard Work/Prompt Action PUNISHMENT OF GREED

Hard Work/Prompt Action PUNISHMENT OF GREED

Winning in a personal injury or wrongful death case often times is a direct result of the lawyer's willingness to work hard.  We are honored to have been chosen to represent victims of personal injury and wrongful death under challenging circumstances.  Unfortunately, all too often, our hard work reveals that our client's personal injury or death did not result from mere carelessness but because of gross negligence or recklessness. 

Corporate greed acts as a cancer in many modern Corporations.  Daily newspaper headlines reveal a freshly uncovered story of greed in Corporations and the people who control them. 

All too often our firm has discovered that the root cause of personal injury or wrongful death is corporations valuing profits above safety.  Corporations that place profits over human dignity and safety are subject to the legal remedy of "punitive damages"Punitive Damages are awarded to victims of personal injury and wrongful death and are designed to punish the unconscionable conduct.  In New Mexico, such conduct is oftentimes referred to as "Reckless Conduct" .  In Texas, such conduct is referred to as "Gross Negligence".  Findings of Reckless Conduct or Gross negligence allow for the recovery of extraordinary damages (punitive damages).  Punitive damages may lead to a substantially increased recovery for our clients.  The lawyers of Fadduol, Cluff & Hardy, and P.C. are trained to search for evidence of reckless conduct or gross negligence. 

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